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Matt is a Comedian that has a base in London and a home in Leeds this comedian has been performing since 2011. His style and material has really come on over the years. He is a Fantastic MC and one of the hottest up and coming comedian in the UK right now.





The passion for comedy that he has can be seen on stage he loves being up there and he can make 20 minutes feel like five. It is a great thing to watch live and to feel the energy between the comedian and the audience. Matt has no problem working the audience and really taking them on an emotional rollercoaster. Using real life events that he draws on he pulls in an audience.


Matt loves to travel which is just another reason why he is suited for being a comedian. He has travelled all over the world observing and writing the whole way. He has a love for food and if you read his blog you will get some family recipes, restaurant reviews, general observations, social commentary and anything else that he cares to write about.



He has performed all over including, Casinos in Bulgaria, Coffee shops in Tampa, British Pubs in Tenerife and the prestigious Improv club in Orlando Florida. Matt has gigged for a lot of promoters in the UK, look out for some of the club nights listed as he might be on one some time soon. He gigs for Rib Ticklers Comedy Clubs, A Rush of Laughter, Kill for a Seat, Komedia, Glee Clubs, Teknicolor Smoof, Ship of fools, Jokers and many more.


Matt is a politically incorrect comedian who is whimsical and storey based. He has been described to have B.D.E (big dick energy) he commands an audience and can make gigs happen from what other comedians would think were an unworkable crowd.


He is quick witted and his improv is so good its hard to tell what is scripted material and what is made up on the spot. He is a keen actor and has been an extra in several feature films and been cut out as an extra in more TV shows than he can remember being in.

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If you have enjoyed finding out a bit about Matt and want to know more why not send us a question and you never know Matt might get back to you!



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